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The Eight Precepts:

"Imitating the Enlightened Ones"

       The Buddha encouraged his lay disciples to follow extra training rules as often as they could. They are an enhanced version of the five precepts they follow every day.

The Eight Precepts:


  1. Abstaining from killing

  2. Abstaining from stealing

  3. Abstaining from sexual activity

  4. Abstaining from telling lies

  5. Abstaining from intoxicating drinks and drugs

  6. Abstaining from eating after noon

  7. Abstaining from entertainment and beautifying the body

  8. Abstaining from using luxurious furniture

We follow these precepts thinking, "The fully enlightened disciples of the Buddha followed these precepts for their entire lives. Let us, imitate these great beings for this day."

Lay people can follow these precepts as often as they like. Traditionally, Buddhists come together to observe these precepts, listen to teachings, and practice meditation on the full and new moon days. 

If you have questions about following these precepts on your own or with a group, please speak with one of the monks.

May all beings be well and happy !!!

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