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Our home in Sri Lanka

The majority of monasteries and monastics in Mahamevnawa are located in Sri Lanka. Being a Buddhist country that is still filled with forests and jungles, it is still possible for monks to live in seclusion close to the lay people who provide the necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.

The monastic centres are diverse, some close to cities, some deep in the forest. Some large and some small. Every six months the monks gather in

the main monastery in Polgahawela and get assigned a new monastery to live in.




















We have over sixty monasteries in Sri Lanka. 




















































Headquarters in Polgahawela

Our main monastery is outside the town of Polgahawela. This is where monk's trainings begin. The monastic quarters are geographically separated from the public areas so there is a peaceful environment for meditation.





























Spiritual Community

Fulfilling the Buddha's wish that all of his disciples—monks, nuns, lay men, and lay women—are able to proclaim the pure Dhamma,we provide the opportunity for everyone to come together to learn the Dhamma




Monuments of Faith
To provide protection for the sacred bone and hair relics that have been given to our monasteries, we have built many stupas that serve as a focal point for reflection on the qualities of the Buddha's enlightenment.


May all beings be well and happy !!!

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