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Buddha Meditation Centre Edmonton

         It's true. Since the summer of 2015 our monastery has been operating peacefully in Northwest Edmonton. Over that time we have been a home for monks trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, all part of the Mahamevnawa (maha may oo NA wa) order based in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to sharing the authentic teachings of the Buddha.

Many people think of a monastery being deep in the forest or on the top of a mountain. Since the time of the Buddha, monasteries have also been located in populated areas as well. And since the time of the Buddha monks have traveled far and wide to spread the teachings. Now, over 2,500 years after the Buddha's passing, monks have arrived in Edmonton.














A Buddhist monastery is a living, breathing part of the surrounding community. Every day the monks provide opportunities for Edmontonians to learn the teachings of the Buddha. And everyday people in Edmonton provide the basic necessities of robes, food, shelter, and medicine to the monks. This is an ancient relationship laid down by the Buddha.







You may even see the monks around town. If you do, you are welcome to speak with them. They don't shake hands, so you can either greet them with a smile or with your hands palms together at your chest. They will be happy to speak with you.












Now people in Edmonton of all backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from interacting daily with fully ordained Theravada Buddhist monks. If you are not able to come to one of our scheduled activities,contact us to arrange a time to visit. Learn what to expect.

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